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City of Surrey says: Let’s Pave Paradise and put up Parking Lots

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 16th, 2021.

Plans in the works for Bear Creek Park, do not only include a road, but, as we learned Wednesday, includes expanded parking and a planned stadium.

At a presentation given Wednesday night (April 14th, 2021) to the Mayor’s much vaunted Agriculture, Environment and Investment Advisory Committee (AEIAC), project manager in charge of the planned 84th avenue connector, Victor Jhingan, revealed that the proposed plan for Bear Creek Park is more about investment than environment or agriculture.

After Jhingan’s presentation, questions swirled around only now released plans for expanded parking at Bear Creek Park and the threat that this poses to the health of the park overall. In his presentation, Jhingan revealed that proposed works for Bear Creek Park include: 

  • Expansion of a massive parking lot situated on 140th street to be integrated into new road project;
  • A planned stadium at Bear Creek Park that will require even more parking stalls; and
  • That the City of Surrey is proceeding with the 84th avenue connector prior to having developed an actual long term parking plan for Bear Creek Park.

After Jhingan’s presentation, Councillor Mandeep Nagra asked if “...the parking lot on 140th between the Sikh and Hindu temples, is that part of the project as well? Is it going to be built at the same time?” To which Jason Colenutt, Design & Construction manager for the City of Surrey’s Engineering Department, replied “that’s something we are looking to integrate into the project.”

Myles Lamont, one of only three residents who sit on this  committee, noted that: “the previous parks manager was quite outspoken against any kind of encroachment into the park in previous years.” Referring to the City’s plans to build a new stadium in the park, Lamont further asked:  “if this new venue is simply going to attract new people, what’s to stop further encroachment in ten years to address future parking issues by further encroaching into one of the few green spaces left in the city?”

Colenutt replied, “That’s something that we haven’t specifically looked at in this project in terms of overall parking strategy for the park”, adding later, “if you had enough parking spaces for every user in a hundred years, you wouldn’t have much park left.”

It’s time to speak up against this madness and stop any further plans for the whittling away of this gem of a park.  If the City wants a stadium and parking to accommodate it, they should plan for it and put it somewhere else.

Friends of Bear Creek Park is a group of people passionate about defending the crown jewel of Surrey’s park system.

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View the slides used in the presentation here.

View the presentation here.

Image: Myles Lamont calls in from his fieldwork to ask about parking encroaching on the park