City Survey

The City of Surrey has released their public consultation survey for the 84th avenue connector they plan to build through Bear Creek Park. 

The survey reads like this road is a done deal. It's time to tell the city that it is not! Please read through this primer and then find a link to the survey at the bottom of this page.

"Quick Fact" Fact Check

The city lists three "quick facts" at the start of their consultation. The third of these is that:

"88 Avenue and King George Boulevard has the highest number of severe crashes in Surrey and is the third highest crash location in B.C."

This is based on ICBC data from 2009 to 2019. When using City of Surrey provided data from the city's data service - COSMOS - shows that this intersection is actually tied for 13th most dangerous in the city. While any lives lost to accidents are tragic, building a road through Bear Creek Park should not be the first solution. The City should follow its own Vision Zero plan and install the overdue fully protected left turn signal at 88th and King George Boulevard.

Road Design Principles

We encourage you to choose the road design options that minimize the footprint of the road and the impact on the natural environment.

Bear Creek Park Amenities / Text Comments

Several parts of the survey ask for text comments. In order to get our message heard clearly by staff and councilors - and to make sure it appears in the final report of this survey - we encourage you to end all of your text comments with the following phrase: 

I oppose connecting 84th Avenue through Bear Creek Park.

When the city gets hundred or even thousands of you repeating this key point, the will of the citizens of Surrey will be clear for everyone to see.

Protecting The Environment

There is a section where you can enter any comments you want about protecting the environment. We encourage you to use this space to demand the greatest number of environmental concessions and to remind the city of the environmental harm 

This road should not be built to reduce accidents at 88th and King George Boulevard until Vision Zero improvements to that intersection are implemented. Building a road through a park should not be the first solution to accidents when more proven methods - such as a dedicated left turn signal - have not been tried yet. Bridges should be used over both creeks. A culvert over King Creek is unacceptable. Light, noise, and chemical pollution from the road will negatively impact wildlife and degrade the city's Green Infrastructure Network.

Like in the previous section, we encourage you to end any general environmental remarks with:

I oppose connecting 84th Avenue through Bear Creek Park.

Take the Survey

Thanks for taking the time to read our advice on completing the survey. You can complete the survey by clicking below. It will open in a new tab. Make sure to get your friends and family to do this survey and declare their opposition to a road through Bear Creek Park.